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Top Day for 2XU Athletes at Ironman Cairns

After a week of incessant rains in Australia's tropical north, the gods were shining down on Cairns yesterday, and took good care of all 2XU athletes as well!  Studded with Pros including Macca, Bell and White, the Ironman was never going to offer an easy day in the office for any competitor, but a 2XU trio of David Dellow (TeamTBB), IM NZ guru Cam Brown and Carrie Lester (TeamTBB) performed superbly with Men's first, Men's second and Women's  first respective placings.

The day offered a maiden IM victory for David Dellow - it was just a matter of time before he would capture his first title following continued improvement since his impressive third at IM Melbourne.  Out of the water with Luke Bell, Dave took the lead on the bike and went out in front, only to be reeled in later by the chasing pack of 2XU's Cameron Brown, Leon Griffin, Matty White and Leon Griffin.

Looking not so comfortable towards the end of the bike, Dellow took his time to work the run. Meanwhile, veteran Brown took the early charge and cut out a one-minute lead with Bell by his side.

 “Ironman is just such a tough day, you can lose minutes in the last couple of kilometres. I definitely wasn’t celebrating until I well and truly almost had the race done with,” said Dellow.

The women’s race was more complicated. TeamTBB's Rebekah Keat led out of the swim and stormed onto the bike looking comfortable and relaxed. The only women to go sub-five hours on the bike, she set out onto the run in high spirits.  It wasn't long, however before Keat pulled up with a strained calf around the 5 km mark and had withdraw.

The race then fell to Belinda Harper, however never quite comfortable, she was soon hunted down by Lester and Granger. Lester maintained a steady race plan and, at the 39 km mark, patience paid off as she took the lead and ran it home. 

“It’s an indescribable feeling winning, all the work and training I do every day, it’s incredible to be rewarded with this.  I’ve had a few goes over the last few years so it is really special to win here today,” said Lester.

In the 70.3 race earlier in the day, 2XU's Josh Rix claimed an impressive third placing despite steamy conditions.  Exiting the water first, the young gun was particularly impressed with the performance of his spanking new 2XU X:3 wetsuit (yet to hit the market).

A huge congratulations to all 2XU athletes - truly multiplied performances by all.  Proud to call you ours and keep up the great work!

Cairns Airport Ironman Cairns - Complete Results


1. David Dellow (AUS) 00:47:56 04:33:45 02:48:26 08:15:04

2. Cameron Brown (NZL) 00:50:46 04:30:48 02:56:06 08:22:21

3. Jimmy Johnsen (AUS) 00:50:37 04:41:29 02:52:32 08:29:36

4. Matty White (AUS) 00:50:44 04:31:03 03:04:48 08:31:19

5. Petr Vabrousek (CZE) 00:54:52 04:36:10 03:02:52 08:40:00


1. Carrie Lester (AUS) 00:56:31 05:05:20 03:13:52 09:21:00

2. Belinda Harper (NZL) 00:53:00 05:00:37 03:23:02 09:22:42

3. Candice Hammond (NZL) 01:00:53 05:07:22 03:10:26 09:24:45

4. Belinda Granger (AUS) 00:56:51 05:04:41 03:25:20 09:32:16

5. Rebecca Hoschke (AUS) 01:02:05 05:10:29 03:21:17 09:39:53

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