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One Hot Minute with BMX Champ Kurt Pickard

New Zealands' Kurt Pickard is taking the BMX Racing world by storm .  Currently ranked number one in NZ the 19-year-old has won 12 National titles! KP is focusing on hard core training in preparation for blitzing the 2012 London Olympics. We asked this young gun of the BMX world a few questions.

FULL NAME: Kurt Pickard


TEAM: New Zealand High Performance Team, New Zealand  Elite Mens Champion (2010)

1. Favourite Type of Training:  My favourite training day is the hardest day, usually the leg workout, squats etc. I love the pain!

2. Top Pump-Up Song: Jump Around by House of Pain

3. If I Wasn't An Athlete I'd Be:  In the SAS, NZ army

4. Biggest Vice:  iphone applications

5. Currently Looking Forward To:  Travelling around the world this year to qualify for the 2012 Olympics. And Modern Family at 7 o'clock!

6. Best Advice You Have Ever Received: Have fun!

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