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From 2XU's Katya 'Ski Cross' Crema, with Love...

2XU's AUS Ski Cross star, Katya Crema is well into her winter training season in Europe.  While we're paddling in oceans 'down under', she's traversing some seriously mammoth, icy slopes 'up over'.  We recieved the below update + link to an awesome YouTube summary she prepared for us.  

After a short but sweet break at home, we returned back to Lienz, Austria where we have spent a fair amount of time over the past 4 weeks.  A ski cross track has been built at Zettersfeld, so we've been training there with the German Ski Cross Team. The "Himmelfahrt" (meaning 'to the heavens' in German) was a table jump with a massive 80 feet (25m+) clearance. At first it was intimidating due to the fact that you have to tuck down a steep pitch directly into the jump without turning in order to get enough speed to clear it. If you stand up out of your tuck or put in a speed check, then you would definitely not make it and land on the flat. Ouch! After hitting the jump once, I loved it and wanted to go back for more! There's something about overcoming your fears that gives me such a sense of satisfaction in this sport.

Over the past two days we've been training at Hinter Reit / Maria Alm (1.5 hours drive away in Salzburg region), the racing capital of Austria. We've been training on ice-injected snow to get used to what is to be expected in St Johann later this week. St Johann World Cup is renowned for being double-injected and super icy, almost to the point where just standing up during course inspection becomes extremely difficult! My skis are tuned to 85 degrees (as opposed to the regular 88 degrees), meaning that they're absolute razors. It's the only way to get a grip on the blue ice, which is basically like a sheet of glass.

We've now arrived in St. Johann. Tomorrow we've got training on the course, then qualifications on the 6th, finals on the 7th.  


Until next time, here's a little YouTube video from the first part of the season. Enjoy!

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